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the specular mountain

CLIENT: Competition

LOCATION: Uyuni Desert
SIZE: 2800 m2

YEAR: 2020


This project focuses on emphasising the vernacular and the endemic of the place. The setting is a landscape with a hint of surrealism, an infinite layer of reflecting water with no horizon on site. This sort of primitive experience is also designed into the shape, location and materials of our proposal. Our project is underwater, but the minute you get there you forget about the water, and you want to discover what lies beneath.


Designed as a space of contemplation, a stop on a long journey where you get to wander around our proposed artificial mountain. This is a mountain that has the same characteristics and endemic vegetation of what you can find in the area.  The space that surrounds this element is a shaded rounded path from where you can appreciate the change of time, the strong sun over the site, the mist that is floating and comes with the wind, the bare soil and rocks, and a cover that reflects the sky and everything underneath it. A space to pause and absorb what the surrounding landscape has to offer.

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