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Magdalena Pelka de Armas is a Landscape Architect and a Lecturer at East London University. She has been teaching design studio focusing on the landscape graphic representation.


She enjoys exploring and encouraging experimentation in the design process. She has gained extensive experience in a variety of projects in the UK and abroad working for different London practices. 


Noel Kingsbury is best known as a writer and lecturer, promoting an ecological or naturalistic approach to planting design. He also works as a planting design consultant for landscape companies, local government and private garden owners. He has written some 25 books on various aspects of plants and gardens, four in collaboration with the acclaimed Dutch designer / plantsman Piet Oudolf. He contributes regularly to Gardens Illustrated, and has written for The Daily Telegraph, The Garden, The New York Times and has a bimonthly op-ed in Pro-Landscaper, the leading British landscape industry professional journal.

Research is key to Noel's work with plants, his PhD from the University of Sheffield in 2007 has been followed by a continued programme of research into long-term plant performance, making him the global expert on this key aspect of ornamental perennials.

A notable project has been the Promenade and De la Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea (with HTA Landscapes). Currently he is working with the Los Angeles based whY and the Quaich Project on the regeneration of the West Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh.




Since completing her Architecture degree in Chile, including an exchange year in Barcelona, Pia worked for over 8 years on a wide range of international landscape projects.

During the last 4 years, while working in the landscape design industry in London, Pia has been involved in the creation of public realm, urban re-generation and garden design projects for both residential and commercial schemes.

Working on all stages from concept design to construction phase, Pia has an acute understanding of the enhancement of landscape from both a functional and creative perspective, giving special attention to the sensitive relationship between architecture and nature.



Garden designer. Trained at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan. Fascinated by how the gardens respond to human inherent need of reflection, being close to nature and in touch with beauty, how they soothe modern life anxieties, provide constant and ever lasting learning experience and rapture.


Convinced that garden design today more than ever must face up to issues such as draught, pollution and biodiversity.

Enjoys the entire garden making process from the conceptual phase to execution.



Ignacio started his professional career as an Architect. While working for some international practices, he decided to follow his love for plants and public spaces and trained as a Landscape Architect in London. After several years working in the UK, he had a brief experience as a Head Gardener in Spain before joining The Planting Studio.

His expertise ranges from research, concept design and post-planning stages. Ignacio is passionate about testing ideas, especially when it comes to planting. He is also interested in the use of technology and graphic representation applied to Design.

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