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surrey private garden

CLIENT: Private client


YEAR: 2020


This large garden in Surrey is blessed with a beautiful backdrop of mature oak trees.

The house was recently renovated, in a simple and elegant style. We have been briefed to retain the large open area of the lawn for the family to play on during the summer months.

The main challenge we faced was the three metre level difference between the terrace and the garden. As the garden was a separate entity and disconnected from the house, it was rarely used by the client. The level difference has also resulted in the issue of overlooking from neighbouring properties.

Our proposal connects the garden with the house through the generous, formal and inviting steps. On both sides of the steps, sloping planters with multi-stem Amelanchier bring the garden closer to the house whilst providing much needed privacy. The large lawn has been situated in the centre of the space, in the sunniest area of the garden. At the rear of the property, a well-proportioned seating area beneath beautiful trees has been provided, for the time when refuge from the sun is needed.

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