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CLIENT: Business Rental Owner

LOCATION: St. Katharine Docks 

YEAR: 2020

Designed under Outerspace UK Landscape Architects

The client had an existing site that they felt was too corporate and hard. The brief was to make the space softer and friendlier, a space where people could relax, socialise and have beautiful views while having lunch. 

One of the challenges was not to increase too much the load over the slabs.


Our aim was to create more space where people would feel they could stop and relax. The project at first had the challenge of a design that did feel like a corridor where people did not want to stop. Also, we replanted all of the existing beds in order to have more seasonal plants to prolong the interest over the entire year.

As we could not create new planters, we decided to propose temporal structures made in timber where users could sit down and have space for all the extra planting.

Most of the space was populated with big beautiful pots with charismatic tree species, mostly multistem. All the planting gives a lush sense, and workers feel included in our proposal. This project was commissioned under Outerspace Landscape Architects.

Juliet Murphy Photography-Beaux Arts Lan
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