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about us

The Planting studio was born through passion about plants and a shared ambition to create beautiful and diverse landscapes that enrich the lives of all.


Our different backgrounds and shared passions came together to create a new concept in Landscape design, with a focus on planting design, material experimentation and long term sustainability.


We bring an unrivalled expertise and knowledge base to our work. Our Senior Advisory Partner, Noel Kingsbury, is well-known for his writing on plants and planting design and is regarded globally as an authority on long-term plant performance.


We are able to draw on an extensive network of colleagues and other experts, in academia and practice, for advice. In particular, we are able to draw on recent research in planting design which enables us to plan systematically for innovative long-term solutions.


We firmly believe that landscapes should not only look good right after completion but develop and improve over time, and we strive for it in all our projects.

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